Leads for Real Estate Attorneys

Rate Calculator

Rate Calculator

$20.00 Monthly

Advanced Lead Generation for Real Estate Attorneys

Want to grow your business? 

Want to get more leads?

Stop wasting your marketing dollars!

Rate Calculator is the most effective lead generation tool for Real Estate Attorneys.  

Rate Calculator integrates with Old Republic Title to provide real-time closing cost estimates.  Visitors get fast, accurate estimates, you get valuable information!

If you spend any amount marketing your business, you need Rate Calculator.

  • Capture important information from visitors, such as name, email, and purchase / refinance information.
  • Include customized messaging when visitors send their estimates to their email.
  • Rates are calculated directly by Old Republic, so it's always current and accurate.

Rate Calculator is so much more than a simple calculator or spreadsheet.  It's a game changer!

** Professional Installation **

If you want help installing and configuring Rate Calculator, we're here for you.  Just check the box for Professional Installation and our team will contact you to go over the details.

Please ensure your Website meets Rate Calculator's minimum requirements.